Gelato & Coffee

Some pairings just seem to be made in heaven… A great glass of a full-bodied red wine with a perfectly cooked steak, a thin crispy pizza and a great IPA in the summer months, but in our opinion some freshly roasted single origin coffee paired with artisanal gelato takes the cake. Coffee can be so many things to different people. To some, its just this hot, bitter drink that helps you wake up in the morning. To other’s its just a good excuse to share conversation and ideas, a good first date, an excuse to get together, but we are hoping to make the experience a treat. We use different brewing methods that highlight different characteristics and mouth feel. Espresso for the bold, drip for those that play it safe, French press for the ones that enjoy body and natural oils in their cup, and pour over for those with a refined palate to taste the many intricacies of premium arabica coffee from different regions of the world. We take as much care into the ingredients we use for our gelato as we do for the coffee we roast. We start by selecting the best main ingredients which are milk, cream, sugar and eggs. Later on, we look for different fresh fruits, nuts, chocolate, honey, and many other ingredients we use for the different flavors we create. We take great pride in the old-world production methods we use, keeping a focus on producing in small batches in order to keep freshness which sets us apart from other gelato makers. We hope you can tell the difference when you drink our coffee and enjoy our gelato.


At our cafe, we source our coffee beans directly from the farmers. We carefully select each lot, and sample the quality of the bean, both green and sample-roasted. Once in love with a bean type, we work closely with the farmers to determine quantity and pricing. This ensures that the farmers are getting premium prices for their crops all while allowing us to support their art of coffee cultivation and great growing practices. This is what separates local roasters from large corporations who typically wait until the product starts to decay to buy it at a discounted price. We also believe in micro roasting to ensure a fresh and diverse inventory for our customers.


We’re incredibly lucky to be able to take this green bean and transform it into the coffee you know and love today. Our roasting philosophy revolves solely around origin. Depending on where in the world our beans are from will determine exactly how we roast them. This allows us to bring distinctive characteristics of the place they were grown into the coffee itself. The soil, the climate, the topography- these are all factors in establishing the coffees fragile taste that would otherwise be ruined if roasted too dark.


We want to lift the curtain and show you the behind-the-scenes of coffee. Let your taste buds travel to another country, keeping in mind its’ journey from crop to cup. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to bring this art to Lords Valley and we look forward to serving you!