Welcome to our page! After years in the full-service restaurant industry we have decided we wanted to honor the Italian café culture that is almost non-existent in our area. In order to achieve that goal we created a place not focused on quantity and speed, but instead focus all of our efforts into the quality of the food & beverages we serve even when it takes much longer to produce these items in house, from scratch, respecting the art and craft of artisanal production, baking, roasting, and cooking.

We have chosen to specialize in several different aspects of the café culture of southern Italy. Although it is very ambitious, and extremely labor intensive, we have decided to source our green coffee directly from farmers scattered all over the globe, and roast our coffee in house in very small batches; we have spent a lot of time perfecting the seemingly lost craft of true artisanal gelato making (truly made from scratch, with a small handful of high quality ingredients-without artificial coloring/flavoring, preservatives); our pizza which is the simplest expression of our love of Italian food is always made in small batches, to order, and always by hand. All of our breads are made in house with the simplest ingredients, always slow proofed, to ensure the perfect flavor and texture always reaches your table. All of the products we have in our kitchen are carefully sourced by us directly in order to ensure freshness and quality.

We hope you can enjoy the many items we so proudly serve in a humble, but well thought out setting. Every item on our menu is sourced and prepared by us in a process that takes countless hours, many of our products travel thousands of miles to get to our hands and then to your plate; so take a second when you visit us to sit back and enjoy; our food is not just served to fill your belly – we believe it can also fill your heart.