My love with Gelato began in the early 90s. I remember as a child stopping by different gelaterias with my father sampling some of the finest gelato I did not even know I was having. Buenos Aires, was shaped by the nearly 6 million Italian immigrants that came to the city between 1900 and 1930. Most of the gelaterias we visited were over 50 years in business, and the children and grandchildren of these immigrants continued to run the family business. Many of them so protective of their family recipes that they would close the door to customers while making the gelato and sell through a small pass-through window during certain hours to avoid customers seeing how exactly their gelato was made. My family and I were just like them, so at the time all of this seemed normal. In the early 2000s when my family immigrated to New York I was culture shocked by the Italian American culture, not Italian, but Italian American. Since many of the Italian families in the U.S. had assimilated to American culture there were vast differences when comparing to our traditional Italian upbringing. Although many of the foods had the same names, there wasn’t much of a comparison when it came to quality. The memories of the amazing gelato of my childhood is what inspires us today to recreate the quality, the scents, and the flavors. Our gelato is the purest expression of this pursuit, by using four main ingredients we are able to create flavors that could never be mimicked with any artificial flavoring, food coloring, or emulsifiers. In a society where most people value speed, quantity, and convenience over quality (meticulously sourcing great raw ingredients, using old world production methods, and producing in very small batches) we aim to bring you a treat that resembles the amazing gelato we had in the old Italian neighborhoods as children.